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  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


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  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


$ 89
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  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


$ 149
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  • Untagged Mp3,Wav,Trackouts
  • Sell Unlimited Copies ​
  • Unlimited Streams Limit
  • Unlimited Non-Profit Use
  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"

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Beats For Sale For Your Ep, Single or Mixtape

Welcome to

My name is Mig, I’m a Multiplatinum Billboard Charting Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, and Remixer with over 30 years of professional experience as a music producer and engineer. 

I started to give up-and-coming singers, rappers, songwriters & indie labels the same great production as the major labels but at a fraction of the price.

My beats & production work have been featured on over 500 projects for artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, John Legend, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Fox TV, Paramount Pictures, E! Television, Sony Music, Nickelodeon, and more!

With over 22 years of professional music production experience and the highest quality state of the art music production gear, at we’re dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality Beats for Sale.

We specialize in producing all major genres of instrumental beats including Rap Beats For SalePop BeatsTrap BeatsAfrobeat & Tropical BeatsRnB BeatsGospel Beats, and EDM/Dance Beats.

While new producers are popping up online selling beats every day we recognize how difficult it can be for artists to find production that’s truly at the next level. But, most new producers don’t have the experience to understand music production like a seasoned music producer does. That’s where MaxxBeats comes in!

When you’re talking about your music career, you NEED to license high-quality instrumentals and music production from someone who understands what it takes to produce industry quality music. seeks to fill a void for the wide array of rappers and singers out there who are looking for PROFESSIONAL music produced by REAL musicians.
We don’t sample other songs in our beats. All our sounds are either composed by us or purchased from professional high-quality sound design companies so you never have to worry about sample clearance or copyright issues.

Our beat catalog is 100% original. Each beat takes between 1-3 days to create. We make sure every production is composed, mixed, and mastered to meet the levels and requirements of today’s streaming and distribution platforms.

We strive to provide artists with one of the most unique and highest quality catalog of Instrumental Beats that you can find online today.

Our production stands out from the rest!
We’re not only dedicated to providing the highest quality instrumental beats but also helping up and coming artists put more money in their pockets.

When it comes to your music sales with digital retailers like Apple Music and Spotify and physical cd copies, use our Royalty-Free beats will put 100% of the sales revenue in your pocket! Our instrumentals are priced affordably and we frequently offer deals!  Save a ton of $ on music production costs by shopping for instrumental beats at MaxxBeats.

If you’re tired of working with unprofessional producers, you’ll find a breath of fresh air with us! We are a legally registered production company in the United States servicing rappers, singers, and songwriters internationally. 

We have AMAZING customer service to match our above industry standard music quality!

The instrumental beats for sale on our website are delivered INSTANTLY after purchasing via email along with an official legal license contract with 0% wait time!

You can browse through our beats for sale, select the beats you like, download and start recording immediately!

So, When you need A+ music production for your music career, look no further. At, we got your back.
We truly appreciate you for stopping by and hope to be part of your music journey!

Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore
Multiplatinum Music Producer


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