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$ 29
one time
  • Non-exclusive Lease
  • Untagged Mp3 File
  • Sell up to 5,000 Copies
  • 100,000 Streams Limit
  • Unlimited Non-Profit Use
  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


$ 49
one time
  • Non-exclusive Lease
  • Untagged Mp3 + Wav
  • Sell Up to 25,000 Copies
  • 200,000 Streams Limit
  • Unlimited Non-Profit Use
  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


$ 89
one time
  • Non-exclusive Lease
  • Untagged Mp3 + Wav
  • Sell Unlimited Copies
  • Unlimited Streams Limit
  • Unlimited Non-Profit Use
  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


$ 149
one time
  • Non-exclusive Lease
  • Untagged Mp3 + Wav + Track Stems
  • Sell Unlimited Copies ​
  • Unlimited Streams Limit
  • Unlimited Non-Profit Use
  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"


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  • Exclusive Ownership
  • Untagged Mp3 + Wav + Track Stems
  • Sell Unlimited Copies
  • Unlimited Streams Limit
  • Unlimited Non-Profit Use
  • Beat removed from store after purchase
  • Credit "Prod. by MaxxBeats"

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Beats For Sale by Producer Mr. Mig

With over 22 years of professional music production experience and the highest quality state of the art music production gear, at we’re dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality Beats for Sale.

While there are new producers popping up online selling beats everyday we recognize how difficult it can be for artists to find production that’s truly a next level. But, most new producers don’t have the experience to understand music production  like a seasoned music producer does. That’s where MaxxBeats comes in!

When you’re talking about your music career, you NEED to license high quality instrumentals and music production from someone who understands what it takes to produce industry quality music. seeks to fill a void for the wide array of rappers and singers out there who are looking for PROFESSIONAL music produced by REAL musicians.
We don’t sample other songs in our beats. All our sounds are either composed by us or purchased from professional high quality sound design companies so you never have to worry about sample clearance or copyright issues.

Our beat catalog is 100% original. Each beat takes between 1-3 days to create. We make sure every production is composed, mixed and mastered to meet the levels and requirements of today’s streaming and distribution platforms.

We strive to provide artists with one of the most unique and highest quality catalog of Beats For Sale that you can find online today.

Our production stands out from the rest!
We’re not only dedicated to providing the highest quality production but also helping up and coming artists put more money  in their pockets.

When it comes to your music sales with digital retailers like Apple Music and Spotify and physical cd copies, our beats are Royalty-Free. You keep 100% of the sales revenue! Our instrumentals are priced affordably and we frequently offer deals!  Save a ton of $ on music production costs by shopping for instrumental beats at MaxxBeats.

If you’re tired of working with unprofessional producers, you’ll find a breath of fresh air with us! We are a legally registered production company in the United States servicing rappers, singers and songwriters internationally. 

We have AMAZING customer service to match our above industry standard music quality!

Beats for sale on our website are delivered INSTANTLY after purchase via email along with an official legal license contract with 0% wait time!

You can browse through our beats for sale, select the beats you like, download and start recording immediately!

So, When you need A+ music production for for your music career, look no further. At, we got your back.
We truly appreciate you for stopping by and hope to be part of your music journey!

-Mr. Mig, CEO of MaxxBeats/MigTight Productions, Inc.

producer mr mig
Hi, It’s Mig, I’m a Multiplatinum Billboard Charting Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Remixer.

In 2013 I launched MaxxBeats to give up and coming singers, rappers, songwriters & indie labels the same great production as the major labels but at a fraction of the price.

My beats & production work have been featured on over 500 projects for artists such asTaylor Swift, Beyonce, John Legend, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Fox TV, Paramount Pictures, E! Television, Sony Music , Nickelodeon and more!
I’ve produced music for some famous companies such as
Starbucks, Sony, VH1, CMT, Paramount Pictures, The NY Yankees, Tide, Reebok and more.

Along with my amazing team of Producers, I speciale in producing all major genres of music including Rap Beats For Sale, Pop Beats, Trap Beats, Afrobeat & Tropical Beats, RnB Beats, Gospel Beats and EDM/Dance Beats.


Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions

Add the beats you want to cart, select your desired lease option for each beat then proceed to checkout. We accept Paypal, Credit & Debit.

When you lease a beat you are given certain rights to make profit with the beats. Check out the different “beat lease info” page for more info.

If you go over your terms in your lease than you can upgrade your license with a discount. Email me at [email protected] for upgrades.

For every beat you purchase, you get 1 free. For every beat you purchase, you get 1 free. Add 2 of the same “type of leases” to your cart and the free one will automatically be discounted at checkout.

MP3 (320kbps) | WAV (24 bit) | WAV Stems (24 bit).
They range from $299 – $1,500. You can make an offer on any beat by adding to cart and choosing “make an offer” option. Once purchased it will be instantly removed from the site and exclusively yours.
Tags are only for previews in our store. All tags will be removed from your beats when you make a purchase.
That means you will receive the individual tracks (WAVs) from the beat. You can use them to get a professional mix for your song.
After you make a purchase, you will receive an email with links to your beats and lease agreement.
There are no refunds or exchanges on beats as they are digital not physical products. Please make sure to choose carefully before making a purchase. We are always available to answer questions through our Live Chat App or Email from our contact page.


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What Maxxbeats Can Do For You

Royalty-Free Beats For Sale

License beats instantly for your next music, video, fitness or media project. Pay a small one time fee and keep all your sales profit!

Full Song Production

We can produce your music, help with arrangement, add your vocals and then mix and master the song.

Multiplatinum Producers

Work with a Multi-Platinum Billboard Chart Topping Producer who knows how to turn your ideas into finished hits!

Mixing and Mastering

Send us your files and get back a masterpiece with our award winning mixing & mastering by Multi-Platinum Music Producer Mr. Mig.

Custom beats

Get a Track Produced Custom With or Without Your Vocals. Need an old beat remade? No Problem. We will make it similar but uniwue enough to avoid copyright issues.


Get Real Music Promotion through our partner HeadHunter Promotions, we offer a range of promo services including Spotify, Billboard & Music Week.

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