Sell Beats For A Living

Sell Beats For A Living…

Yeah Who Wouldn’t? I mean that is why is what it is. We have in a short period of time gone from an unknown Beat Store to being listed as one of the best stores to look out for in 2014!


If you are a producer that is interested in making a full time living selling your catalog of beats then read on. 

The Store Front Music Player is Super Important…

Keep in mind..

We have a team of Grammy Nominated Producers and well established music professionals so we couldn’t just settle on any Store Player for Maxxbeats.

Professionalism is top of the list for us

While we were in our testing phase we spent months testing all of the major options available for a solid store front and back end office and we have been very happy with the results we’ve seen from

We spent hundreds of hours implementing all of the other Music Store Players out there including Euphony Beats, Beatstars, etc.

While they were all passable they all had options we didn’t need and options missing that we did need in order to build

The HTML 5 Player is awesome for people that are visiting your website from a mobile device. It looks clean and functions perfectly.

It’s all about ease of use and functionality.

While some of the others may have more sizzle to their appearance  they didn’t have the solid functionality we found with is the way to go. Check It out and Let us know how it works for you. If you need any help with it hit us up or contact Wasim and their fantastic support team.

VISIT to check out all of the features the store player has to offer and start selling beats literally today.

Stay Tuned……

Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore
Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore

I'm a Multi-Platinum Husband, Father and CEO of

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