How To Sell Beats On Autopilot

How To Sell Beats On Autopilot

My #1 Tip For Selling Beat Online in 2020 and beyond!

Whether you are selling beats online or through a network of recording artists that you work with this article is for you.
I’ve sold thousands of beats in my career so far and the biggest thing I learned is…

We’re not selling beats, we are selling ourselves. 

You must be scratching your head and saying..”Huh??”

What I mean is the beats themselves is not what generally gets someone to buy from us.
Of course our quality is top notch and that doesn’t hurt but It is the story behind the beats that gets people to spend their money.
Your story, your brand is what is most important to someone who is about to spend money with you…

The brand in this case is “YOU” not your beats. 

If you can grasp that concept then you can start to focus on not what you HAVE to sell but more on why people should want what you have to sell!

Keep this very important fact in mind. There are literally hundreds of thousands of producers selling beats out to artists.

But, unless your product or brand says something different then you will just be another face in the crowd.

Anyone Can Sell Beats

The reality is that there are a ton of super talented “Beat makers” out there and anyone who has a computer and some inexpensive software can throw together some sounds and call it a beat.

Anyone can sign up for a domain and inexpensive website hosting plan name at a company like Blue Host and make a simple website and add a beat store from a company like BeatStars. 

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The thing is unless you have a great story behind you and your beats what is going to make your product stand out from the rest of the herd??

Selling Beats Is About Your Story

The story is everything. Before an artist whips out their hard earned cash they want to feel excited. they want to know that they bought something of great value. Your story will be the difference between sales and no sales. It will be the difference between someone passing up buying a $5 beat or actually buying a $1,000 beat from you over and over!

My Story…

Way before existed I already sold countless beats and productions worldwide and some for well over $20,000 each!

You see its the story…I grew as a producer ..starting from the bottom way back in the 90’s. Over time I remixed, wrote and produced more and more songs and eventually they became Billboard topping songs…I have had over 60#1’s on the Billboard charts.

Here’s a little video about how I got started in the music business:

Build Your Credits

If you look at my credits you will see I’ve worked with all kinds of artists. Each one of those projects is advertising for MaxxBeats.

Whenever someone is happy with their experience of working with you or buying something from you they will love to tell others about that experience. That is how my career as a producer has grown and that is how you need to approach your beats business.

Even if you start out giving beats away to a few local artists to get them to Tweet or post on Facebook about you that promotion is worth something to you.

People are more likely to buy from you when they see that others already have so make sure to publicize your latest projects on your social networks, websites, etc. with local artists and ask them to mention their experiences working with you on their networks as well.  


“Trust” is The #1 Reason why we sell so many beats..

Hope This helps you on your quest for success – Mig

If you have a story to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments below!

Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore
Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore

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