Submit Your Music At This 1 Website To Get Your Songs Placed

Submit Your Music At This 1 Website To Get Your Songs Placed

Find out how thousands of artists get Song Placements by connecting with real Music Executives whenever they want.

Producer Mr. Mig In The Studio

I Have A Secret Weapon For You

Over the past few years I have been involved with a company tailored to helping Musicians get their music heard directly

by industry Professionals to give them the inside track to thousands of possible opportunities.

This Awesome company is MusicXRay.Com.

So..What Is This MusicXRay Thing?

MusicXRay is is an amazing website platform for Artists, Songwriters, Indie Labels and Publishers to get real feedback on their projects and also to connect them with Music Industry insiders. MusicXRay has proven to be an invaluable tool for both the Artist looking for help as well as for record labels and music execs looking for a particular talent to connect to real opportunities.

It Is Like Getting A Record Label Meeting On Demand!

Where else can you go and literally say “Mr. Producer or Mr. Record Label..I Want You To Listen to My Songs Now And Please Tell Me What I Can Do Better and where can I place my material”?

 You Get Personal 1 On 1 Attention

(Here's a shot of my A&R account..359 Artists have submitted their music to me to listen and critique.)
I am honored that because of my knowledge of the Music Industry and my success on over 55 #1 Billboard Projects that
I have been called on byMusic XRay to help find talent and to help musicians elevate their careers in music.

I have personally interacted with each and every artist and was able to help them to..

1. Make their music sound more professional
2. Get them connected to 
REAL Music Opportunities!

Success Story…
esquille swedish artist and producer
Esquille, an EDM artist/DJ from Sweden, “I’m happy I sent Steve my new tracks. He responded quickly, which was crucial in my decision to sign the deal. I’m proud to have been selected and would like to thank Music Xray for making it possible!”

It’s A Win-Win Situation
Through MusicXray.Com I personally have been able to connect to and listen to some great talent from around the world. I also have been able to give valuable constructive criticism on how to make their music more appealing and more likely to be received by a Record Company, Publisher, Radio Station, and others…

Confidence & Satisfaction..
How great is it that Artists get a chance to interact with Real Executives and that helps them cut out alot of the guessing games and industry pitfalls!

I am grateful to be part of the process for so many musicians and that I have been able to help so many people find homes for their music!

There are other opportunities on Music X Ray besides the ones I am involved with so feel free to explore..
If You Want Me To Help You Then..

I’ll Speak To You Soon:)

Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore
Multiplatinum Producer

Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore
Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore

I'm a Multi-Platinum Husband, Father and CEO of

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