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How To Recover Your Files When Your Hard Drive Fails

Admin Mr. Mig | June 2, 2014

Lost Your Music Files?? Here’s What To Do If Your Hard Drive Fails.

And The Measures You Should Take To Prevent it from happening.As musicians we tend to stay focused on our art. We don’t find the same pleasure in waiting for hard drives to transfer data between themselves. What a drag..Well wake up…because things are going to get real up in here.  It’s time to pay attention to one of the most important services that you can do for yourself and your craft.The last thing you need is for your countless hours of creativity to be flushed down the drain of 1’s and 0’s!

Don’t Panic!

The thought of a hard drive crash is enough to send me into panic attacks. I am in the recording industry so I go through digital storage like water. I have 13 external hard drives currently as backups but there were a couple of times where I wasn’t on top of things and I ended up losing a ton of data that I couldn’t get back on my own. Thank Goodness for the internet..I’ll share with you what I did in a minute, but first pay attention.You can never have enough backup storage.I’m sure alot of you know all too well the heartache associated with losing hard work due to faulty data storage or accidental hard drive or computer drops, etc.I sure do and boy did I learn a couple of hard lessons in the past! Sometimes things just happen but at the end of the day if you take precautionary measures then you won’t become a victim of data terrorism.

Back that sh*t Up..

No..I’m not spittin’ the latest rap song..I am talking about you going right now, today, buying a 1.5 TB (short for Terrabyte) and making a backup copy of your computer’s contents, especially if you have important work documents that you are going to need one day. I have multiple hard drives with the same things on them. Everytime I make a backup I just label it by the date. For instance I may have a folder on the studio hard drive that I use frequently called “projects”. When I back it up I will name the folder on the new drive I am transferring to “projects backup (then the date, etc). Anyway, before you brush off what I am saying, let me share 2 stories of mine  that had me 1. nearly in tears and 2. having me want to jump out of a window so I never have to use a computer again. If, when I am done, this doesn’t t give you the motivation to run out to Best Buy, Walmart or place an immediate order online with Amazon right now to grab the biggest external hard drive you can then you will no doubt need to save the number I am going to share in a minute to a guy that saved my life.

Hard Drive Crashes Happen

Boy do they! The first time I experienced this tragedy was back in 2004. I had recorded months and months of new music for clients and labels. I had never had any data issues before until one day not one but two of my 80 Gigabyte Western Digital hard drives crapped out! I don’t know if I had a power surge issue or what not but either way I just lost 160 GB of data in the blink of an eye. The drives would not connect to the computer suddenly. I was sweating bullets! My livelihood depends on what is on my hard drives so I was in deep sh*t. Immediately I started calling the phone numbers on the back of the drives and then I called Best Buy. The only advice I was given was to call a Hard Drive Data Recovery Services company.I was given a number to a couple and made some calls. I was feeling relieved that there was such thing as Hard Drive Data Recovery. I needed to get these drives recovered fast! When I finally got an appointment with one of the companies that was about 2 hours away from where I lived I jumped in my convertible Corvette (at least there was that as well as a Sunny day) and made my trek nervously but also with hope and a little bit of relief. So..this part is awesome.. finally I get to the Hard Drive Data Recovery Specialist, after what seemed like a whole day in the car, and they take a look at the drives and then proceed to tell me that they’re going to have to send the drives out…ohh and it wil cost $3,200 and take around 5 weeks for me to get them back! Jeezz man. Talk about adding insult to injury! Anyway..I bet you can guess that I learned a nice lesson that day! Yeah..I left with my proverbial tail between my legs.

Disaster #2

The next story took place only 2 years ago.I own and operate a well known recording studio/production company www.MaxxBeats.Com/Studio here in NJ. I have lots of clients and multiple production rooms with computers and hard drives and sessions all over the joint! One morning I was at home and I had one of my portable external drives connected to one of my Macbook’s and I was actually doing some minor editing for a client. I went to move the computer and the connected hard drive slipped onto the carpet, not more than a 2 foot fall. This has happened maybe once before without any issues. However, this time was different. When I plugged my hard drive  back in to my mac it wasn’t being recognized. I tried a few more times with no success.. 2004 flashback…I started sweating bullets again. “Damn! Not again”. I could’t believe I took this technology for granted again. Even though I made a good habit and practice of backing up my work, at this time it had been a few month since my last backup of this particular Seagate hard driveCry For Help!!Ok I started making phone calls and going on the internet. I had a few friends that were tech savvy and had some great ideas I had never heard of for getting frozen hard drives unfrozen. One of the techniques involves placing your hard drive in a ziploc bag and putting it in the freezer for 20 Anyway, this did not work! Oh how surprising! But honestly, this is a real technique for unfreezing the reader arm of the hard drive. You see when my drive fell it was still reading and writing data. There is an arm that functions very much like a vinyl turntable. On this day I found out the reason why you are always supposed to eject your hard drive before unplugging it. If you don’t eject the drive the arm has a chance of getting frozen in the on position and that’s a big problem as the drive will not read or write if the arm can’t move.
The CSI of Data Recovery
Thank goodness for Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in 2013 (the  year of this incident). After searching Google I found a local Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Specialist about an hour from where I live in New Jersey.Check Out the genius that saved me and my clients from losing over $50,000 in studio recordings!I highly recommend Don Anderson’s Data Recovery Services at: http://www.philadelphiadriverecovery.comThis is one of the best hard drive recovery companies out there.They handle all kinds of hard drive issues including internal , external and also Raid Data Recovery.Bookmark this website address:http://www.philadelphiadriverecovery.comIf you aren’t local to them you can ship your hard drive to them and they will ship it back.Don Anderson knows his stuff!He saved my rear end by recovering my studio hard drive within days and at a great price.The moral of the story is BACK IT UP and if you just happen to find yourself in a bad situation just know that there are affordable Hard Drive Data Recovery Services out there like Don Anderson’s companySave this link just in case! http://www.philadelphiadriverecovery.comHope this helps!

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