[Video] How I Became A Successful 24 Yr. Old Music Producer (Just Days Away From Giving Up)!

[Video] How I Became A Successful 24 Year Old Music Producer (Just Days Away From Giving up)!

Hi Guys,

It’s Mig from MaxxBeats here.

If you are trying to Become a Music Producer or Recording Artist then you know it is a really tough thing to do!  

It’s one of those things that takes all your courage, determination and of course drive to succeed. Everyone is going to tell you “You’re crazy” and “Get a desk job”. I know. This was my everyday life for years.

Like a lot of people, after years of giving it my all I was broke, frustrated and just completely lost. I came so close to just quitting, giving up, throwing in the towel.

Then, I got the phone call that changed my life while working in a food court restaurant. I had a #1 project on the radio and on the Billboard charts and a month later I was driving my dream car (a little red Corvette).

Check out this video I made a few years back to find out how I went from being completely irrelevant in music to a multiplatinum producer with countless #1 projects in the blink of an eye, days before I was ready to quit!

After watching the video, I hope  you will take away some ideas from my story that will help you succeed with your music.

Enjoy! Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore

CEO & “Da Head Honcho Beatmaker” at MaxxBeats.com


Watch The Video Below

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Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore
Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore

I'm a Multi-Platinum Husband, Father and CEO of MaxxBeats.com

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  • Great story! I’m sure it will inspire many people and I hope you have future success as well.
    Thanks for sharing.


  • The video is right on point Mig……………i felt like it was my story although i m not even close to be what i always wanted to be …..a great dj/producer/remixer. Different times ,different opportunities ……………not looking for excuses but just like u said ,it’s harder and harder . Anyway ,big ups for these words of wisdom and keep doing what u do best. Hopefully someday we ll collab on a project….or if u have projects that needs remixes ,let a brother know ,and i ll be happy to give it a try. Highly appreciated!

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