Why Waves Tune Is The Best Software For Pitch Correction

Why Waves Tune Is The Best Software For Pitch Correction

When one begins the investigation into a DAW plug-in that will either fix those sour vocal notes, or turn one’s verbal palette into a distorted transformer hell bent on conquering the Autobots, the onus of said search usually leans towards Antares’ Auto Tune. Granted, Auto Tune is a fine audio plug-in, and if you crave the elastic, robotic aesthetic of a T-Pain (what’s he up to these days anyway?) or a syrupy Lil Wayne, then with a few cranks of Antares’ knobs, you’ll achieve that computerized quality.

But, what if I told you that Auto Tune is not the summit of the pitch correction mountain? What would you say if I told you that there, beneath the monolith of Antares that rapper Future prays to every night, lies another plug-in that perhaps blows away the competition in areas like ease of use, sound quality, and performance? Well, my friends — this is a proclamation, not a rhetorical situation.
Everyone in the music industry knows that WAVES offers some of the very best DAW plug-ins in the game, and their pitch correction module is no different. Of course, I’m talking about WAVES TUNE.
If you want that vocoder-like effect that Auto Tune excels at, then maybe this isn’t the plug-in for you. (Waves Tune does in fact allow robotic distortion, but not to the degree of Auto Tune.) What Waves’ pitch correction software does, is what so many plug-ins should try to do: make itself seamless and invisible.
You see, pitch correction is one of those things that’s best when it’s not noticeable. Vocal performers (e.g. singers who may or may not have egos and feelings) would rather not be aware of their performance’s sour notes, and that’s where Waves Tune shines! Just some slight knob twisting, a few key changes, and voila! — you have a bright, cohesive vocal performance that sounds as if no processing was used at all.

Microphone Magic

Waves Tune is great for adjusting notes, but the built-in algorithms can also enhance or change the grooves your vocal charge is attempting to carve out. The plug-in comes with a variety of musical scales to experiment with, but the best feature of this gem is the versatility that comes with its piano roll editor. You can really dial into each and every note that your vocal performer hits, and — with absolutely zero distortion — it will sound like the performance was flawlessly recorded in the first place!
So, go ahead, lie and tell your singer that he or she was amazing and perfect. But, deep in the recesses of your musical genius, you know it was you that gave them the slight edge they needed to sound like the next Whitney Houston.
Now if only there was a plug-in to get rid of that rider in your Diva’s contract that states all bottled water in the studio must be cooled to an even 50 degrees…
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