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The Perfect New RnB Beat “Trust Me” With Acoustic Guitars and Trap Drums

Admin Mr. Mig | December 27, 2017

New Perfect New RnB Beat “Trust Me”

The perfect RnB beat for those that like a blend of electronic and organic.

The beat is based off of 808’s and Trap elements including rolling hihats and snare fills.

The main melody is provided by real acoustic guitars in stereo, rhodes piano and strings accented with a light synth lead in the chorus.

If you are a singer, rapper or songwriter who is looking for a fresh feel and sound that stands apart from the hardcore trap sound presently saturating the music market, this beat may be just the one you need to spark your creativity and turn heads.

Download the full untagged wav and mp3 versions here.

Beat comes with official lease agreement and is delivered instantly to your email or mobile device.

Written by Admin Mr. Mig


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