How to License Your Music – Sync Licensing For TV and Film

How to License Your Music – Sync Licensing For TV and Film

License your songs for film, TV, video games, commercials, and more.

Ahhh…How to license your music? That is the question I get most frequently. There’s nothing more rewarding than creating a musical masterpiece, turning on the tv or movie and hearing it amnd knowing so many other are going to hear the work you created! I know because I get giddy everytime it happens to me. Just last year I produced music that ended up becoming the theme to a syndicated show “Hollywood Medium” on the E! Television network.

The first time I saw the show, I filmed the intro with my iPhone and posted all over social media…I was so proud of this achievement.
Keep in mind, this wasn’t my first time placing music on tv. It just never gets old or boring!

If you are a singer, rapper or songwriter or filmmaker who wants to learn how to place your music in tv and film watch my live Q&A video taken from The Film Four Corners Festival in New Mexico. I spoke on an amazing panel with my industry colleagues Soren Baker (Hip Hop DX, The Source), Issy Sanchez (Promo Only Promotions), and TJ Chapman (Music Manager for B.O.B. and T. Pain) along with Moderator/Actor Eric Martinez.

So many gems were dropped in this video as we all got to answer questions about how you can license your music to film and tv.

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Are you interested in licensing your music or have something to add to the conversation?
Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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