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Lil Nas X Type Beat “Dead Man Walkin”

Dariel Figueroa | November 1, 2019
Lil Nas X Type Beat For Sale

Lil Nas X Type Beat “Dead Man Walkin”

We’re excited about this one!

This new Lil Nas X Type Beat, “Dead Man Walkin” was inspired by the success of Old Town Road. It features acoustic guitar, hard hitting drums and 808s, and even a Wild West style synth whistle that recalls the glory days of famed Italian film composer Sergio Leone.

(DM @MaxxBeats with the name of the film Leone used that whistle in, and you might just win a free prize!)

If you haven’t noticed, guitars are in season in the trap music world. DJ Mustard, Metro Boomin, and just about any producer worth their salt is using acoustic guitars in their beats. Artists looking for the current sound of the day, look no further, because this is what we call—here at MaxxBeats—a bonafide “heatseeker.”

What’s a “heatseeker,” you ask? It’s a beat that checks a lot of boxes: it’s current, attention grabbing, original, well structured, and ready-made for you to jump on and turn into a hit!

This Lil Nas X type beat is available as a beat with hook, so if you’re a rapper just plug in your verses. If you’re a singer/songwriter you have the beat without hook version to write and record to as well.

We’re super geeked to see what talented artists like yourself can come up with. Nothing pleases the MaxxBeats crew more than listening to the amazing creations the community is able to produce using one of our sonic backdrops.

Give yourself a break from searching for other Lil Nas X type beats that don’t quite have the elements or vibe you’re looking for. At MaxxBeats, our sole goal is to give your voice the right launching pad for a successful career in music, entertainment and beyond. That’s why we could not wait to get “Dead Man Walkin” into our beat store as soon as possible!

If you want to see a little bit of Mr. Mig’s production process as he creates “Dead Man Walkin”, including singing the hook HIMSELF, check this video out!

License the beat “Dead Man Walkin” for your next single, ep or mixtape. And, please, we love to hear what you come up with, so don’t hesitate to tag us in your musical masterpieces!

License the beat “Dead Man Walkin” for your next single, ep or mixtape
Dead Man Walkin (w/hook)  – Lil Nas X Type Beat
Dead Man Walkin (w/out Hook) – Lil Nas X Type Beat

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