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? How I Made 6 Figures $$$ Selling Beats Online with BeatStars

jk2nx | December 22, 2019
How To Sell Beats Online 2020

? How I Made 6 Figures $$$ Selling Beats Online with BeatStars

Happy Holidays Producers!
This is Mig from MaxxBeats. I’m a multiplatinum producer, online beat seller and producer coach.
This past year I made it one of my main goals to help young, up-and-coming producers breakthrough into the beat selling business. I started posting a few of my tips and my results on Instagram and Twitter and instantly started receiving comments, questions and then requests to “please start a course”. Instead, I made some free video content and Instagram posts to help out. After all, I would have to charge for a course as they are time consuming and cost money to make.
One of the first videos I made to help out new producers is How To Sell More Beats In 2019 (and 2020).
I know some of you tried selling beats and gave up and I get it. Like any business, beat selling comes with it’s ups and downs, It’s hard to figure out by yourself but you’re not alone. Watch the video and hit me up anytime on Instagram. I have an awesome family of producers called the MaxxMobb. We talk daily and I also share with them what I know about making money in the music business, even beyond selling beats.
While I’ve made a lot of money in the past with major label, tv & film projects, I get a rush from selling beats online. There’s something very addicting about waking up to notifications like these on some days…
I’m sure you’ve heard other producers who have failed saying “beat selling is dead”, oversaturated, etc. but making a living from selling beats is still a very real thing once you have the right tools and are part of the right community.
You just need a good product (your beats), the best beat selling platform that provides all the tools necessary to help you build a loyal following of artists and deliver those beats and contracts as well as help you with sales tracking, email marketing and more.
I use BeatStars which has ALL of what I just mentioned. You also get a full beat-selling website that you can design and integrate with your own branding and domain name. I started using BeatStars a couple of years ago for my beat selling business and I’m now verified on the platform with nearly 1,000,000 beat streams.
It helps to have a community of other producers willing to share their successes and even failures with you. The BeatStars community is the best feature you get when you join. I’ve personally made so many great friends who are like minded producers…some just new to the beat-selling game and some that I also learn from and are all now part of my MaxxMobb group.
Today, I am giving you my personal VIP code to get a full FREE month of an Unlimited Producer account. You can upload an unlimited number of beats, track-outs, images, drum kits and even message artists and other producers right on the BeatStars platform. Email and text marketing is also integrated which is a great way to keep in contact with your customers.
Watch the video to learn how to sell beats online like I do and also to get your free month of BeatStars>>
– Mig // MaxxBeats

Written by jk2nx


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