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Exclusive Beats For Sale

Exclusive Beats For Sale

When you purchase exclusive beats from us, you will be the 100% owner of that beat.
You do not have to credit us and full rights are transferred to you as if you produced the beat yourself.
Go ahead. Sell a million copies of your song worldwide. MaxxBeats receives no royalties.

It’s Easy To Purchase A Maxxbeats Exclusive.
All of the beats here on our website are available as exclusives.
Once you find the beat(s) you would like to own, add them to cart and choose the “Exclusive” option.
After you make payment at checkout using either PayPal, Debit, Mastercard or Visa
you will receive the beat and full ownership documentation immediately via email.
If the beat has .wav stems available you will also receive them.
Please check with us first if you need stems.