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Ugh! Why Don’t My Songs Sound Better?

Admin Mr. Mig | October 14, 2017

Ugh! Why Don’t My Songs Sound Better? Hey, It’s Mig here from MaxxBeats. TRUE or FALSE: There is nothing more frustrating than writing and recording a great song that you believe is a hit but in reality doesn’t sound good (and you have no idea why)?? I also was an […]


Is Lyricism In Hip-Hop Really Dead?

Dariel Figueroa | August 1, 2017

Is Lyricism In Hip-Hop Really Dead? It’s a war cry that’s been bellowed for years now: “Hip-hop is dead.” The cynical phrase has a variety of connotations, from the current absence of dynamic lyricism in pop-culture to the supposed whoring of the culture (is it culture? art? both?) by those who have […]



Admin Mr. Mig | December 2, 2016

PROMOTE & LICENSE YOUR MUSIC A collection of resources to help you promote and market your music as an independent artist   Music Licensing Directory How To License Your’s TV, Film And Video Game Music Business Directory is a comprehensive and up to date list  of over 2,800 supervisors, publishers, music […]