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Free Month Of Beatstars Producer Account
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Sell More Beats. How To Get A FREE Month of BeatStars’ Unlimited Producer Account.

jk2nx | August 25, 2019

Sell More Beats. Here’s How To Get A FREE Month of BeatStars’ Unlimited Producer Account. 🗣Yo MaxxMobb! GET A FREE MONTH of BEATSTARS🙌🏼 If you want to build a successful beat selling business, You NEED have a FULL BeatStars Unlimited account. 10 Beats ain’t cutting. Makes no sense🤔 Today I […]

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How Does Music Publishing Work? Learn Music Publishing In 8 Minutes

jk2nx | March 2, 2019

Music Publishing. How Does It Work?! Learn Music Publishing In 8 Minutes Hey guys, It’s music producer Mr. Mig from with my 8 minute music publishing video.   Music publishing is a misunderstood topic for up and coming singers, songwriters, beatmakers and musicians however It is essential to understand the […]


Free Songwriter Splitsheet

jk2nx | November 8, 2018

Songwriter Splitsheet [Free Download] A songwriter splitsheet is essential when you are co-writing with other songwriters to prevent any future issues related to song ownership. Download your FREE songwriter splitsheet here. This free download contains a text, pdf and word doc version. Protect your money and your friendships The next […]