The System –  Legendary Pop/Funk/R&B Group
Robert Ladic aka Division 4 | Remixer / DJ
“Working with Steve “Mr Mig” Migliore has been an awesome experience for me.
I’ve been a huge fan of Steve’s work for a very long time and to actually have him master my remixes has been a real highlight of my career.  And in addition, to have him say to me that he “fell off his chair” and that “this remix is badass” regarding my remix is the highest form of compliment a producer can get. I love his work and he’s been an absolute pleasure to work with. I hope one day we get to collaborate together in some shape or form. “
Mike MartinezCEO/
“Maxx Beats is by far the best production houses we have ever used.
In the fitness world we need pumped up dance club sounds.
They always exceed the mark with their radio remixes and original song productions.
They will always be on my speed dial for all our remix and video music needs.”
Sonya StewartSinger/Songwriter – UK
“Steve Migliore of Maxxbeats mixed & mastered one of the collaboration tracks I have.
All the ingredients were there, though it was quite complex to mix as there was a lot going on & it needed all the right elements to be brought through.
Through Steve’s professionalism, expertise & follow through with what I was looking for, he certainly brought the ‘sparkle’ to the production I needed. Basically what I wanted I received!
Steve is a great guy to work with. I highly recommend Steve Migliore & Maxxbeats for your production requirements if you want your music to sparkle, he certainly made mine.:)”
Delious Kennedy – Grammy Award Winning Group All 4 One
“I highly recommend Steve (Mr. Mig) for any of your musical needs.
His accomplishments are vast and awe inspiring.
His work ethic is great! I know that when I go in to work with Steve, I will come out with something I love.
He is very creative and most importantly, very personable.”
Saxon Blu – Recording Artist
“Working with Maxxbeats and Mr. Mig was one of the best experiences of my life.
Mig was willing to work with me to create my identity as an artist, find a unique sound, and produce high-quality, top-40-style music.
I was a newcomer, and I felt so comfortable and welcomed in the studio.”
Evan Martinez – Recording Artist
“Mr. Mig has a very unique talent. He’s the type of person that will take what you have and bring it to the next level, and even the level above that. He is very helpful while in the studio bringing vocals tracks together in a way you haven’t considered, but still mindful of the task at hand, and not changing what you want. I’ve worked with Mr. Migs since 2012 and since then, he’s been very considerate of the time spent in the studio. He’s very attentive and focused, while still helping you progress in ways(like creating logos on the spot or artwork that will benefit your website, track, etc.) that meet your criteria of a hard days work. He isn’t the type of person that will let you stress out, because his sense of humor keeps the energy flow up so you know you’re getting work done productively AND while being entertained! One of my favorite things about Migs is that he will be the type of person that will help you even after the project is done(or so you think). If there’s a point in time you need his help after the studio time is over(like needing a track for a performance or just the instrumental or the vocals a cappella, etc) he will help you out when he has a couple minutes. He’s the type of person that makes it more than business. He treats you like a friend and will extend a hand, or the time by 5 or 10 minutes in the studio, even when he doesn’t have to. That to me, is the smartest business man, because he knows that respect goes much further. Migs is one of those men. Migs also has a talent and an ear for production quality. He has taken tracks of mine and built them up to give it that “spice” and “on-going energy” it needs. He also can create a dance/pop/house track that will give you every reason to dance while in the studio! When he’s given the time to do a final mix in editing and make everything fit into perfection, he really does create mind-blowing results. Listening to a track we’ve worked on before and after he does a final mix in editing really allows you to see exactly how dedicated he is to the work you’re creating together and how the little details matter. I think there’s a reason that Migs works with major record companies and high profile artists. THEY see the value of working with him (and the Maxxbeats team).”
Travia Fenrick – Recording Artist
‘It was a pleasure working with Mr. Mig. He was very prompt and professional.
Maxxbeats has the best quality productions.
Hands down! I am very happy I made the decision to work with them.
He brought my song to a level that surpassed even my own expectations.
I have found a new music/production home and will be back very soon.”
Art Ford – Art Ford Music Serices
“Steve is one of the best producer/songwriters I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years.
 Kristine W – Billboard 12 Times #1 Recording Artist
“Mig Is an excellent producer and he is one of the producers on my “The Power of Music ” album.
He is easy to work with and an excellent musician as well .
I really enjoy working with him because he is no drama and a true pro .
I am a Mig fan.”
Adam Barta – Recording Artist
“Mig can create a hit for you. That’s all there is to say. If you are serious about your caerer and putting out commercially viable music, then you need look no further. It’s tough to find someone of his calibur and even tougher to get them to work with you with the amount of time and consideration he spends in each of his projects. I consider myself lucky!”
Alan RubensExecutive – Time Life
“Steve is an excellent producer who takes the time and effort to give the client what they asked for and more. Very creative and business minded – stays within budget and works real well with the artist. I have used him many times and will continue to do so.”
Catherine Laporte – Music Manager
“Mr Mig provided us with a superb and innovative product, and he was able to deliver ahead of schedule. His production knowledge and musical skill helped to take our project to the Top of the Billboard charts and Top placement on year-end charts, giving us the ability to increase sales. I highly recommend him and his company.”
Rob Schwartz, Who?Mag & iFameTV
“In the unpredictable world of music, it’s such a great feeling to know that people like Steve exist. Steve and I have worked on several projects together and I can not name one project that he hasn’t given over 200% effort. Steve is extremely dependable, incredibly talented, undeniably creative, and over all truly inspirational. If you have the pleasure of working with Mr. Mig of Migtight Productions, consider yourself lucky to to place your career in such hands. I highly recommend him for any potential client or business venture.”
Ruben Martinez – Nene Musik
“Mig is an incredible producer, songwriter who has worked with many of today’s chart topping artists.
My clients are extremely satified with this work.
Mig delivers quality work and is on time.
Should be on anyone’s short list looking for a producer.
Carmen Electra – Recording Artist / Model / Actress “I want to thank my producers Mr. Mig and Mike Rizzo and my label Citrusonic for delivering a banger “Around The World”