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Effortless Way To Make Extra Money As A Musician

Effortless Way To Make Extra Money As A Musician | My Stay At Home Wife Showed Me How She’s Been Making  Money With No Job.

If you have friends, social media followers, email subscribers or your own website, this is perfect for you.

Hey Guys, It’s Mig here from MaxxBeats. Switiching gears today. No music talk. Btw, no-one in the music community talks about things like what I am going to introduce you to today.

There are countless little ways to add extra income to your life and they’re usually not very obvious.

That is why I get excited when I discover something that can help other musicians, especially when it is something to do with making and saving money.

So, you know the old saying “A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”? Well I live my life around that saying. I make all my decisions based around doing the right thing including when it comes to my time and things that are going to waste it or make it worth it! To me, there is no real difference between making and saving money. It’s about what you have in your pocket at the end of the day, right?

Undertand that I know the struggles of being a musician. I wasn’t an overnight success, myself. It took me 8 years to land my first hit record and become a financially stable working producer. But guess what…I try to find intelligent ways to make and save money everyday for me and my family and I always pay it forward for others. Regardless of the fact that I make a great living as a music producer, I still try to find other ways to add to my financial stability.

Heck, I still pick up change on the floor at the Dunkin Donuts drive through. Sorry, Not Sorry. It makes no difference to me if it is a penny or a thousand dollars. A jar of pennies saved me when I was still in the struggling phase of my music career, No BS.

My wife shows me her account recently and I said “Wtf” where did the $ come from?

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ebates? It is pure marketing genius. We get paid to shop. The stores get traffic. Win-Win. Oh and we get paid $25 for each person we invite so pay attention!

I’ve personally seen the commercials and ads for Ebates but I never really paid attention to what it was all about as I’m more preoccupied with tuning vocals and playing with synth plugins but when I saw my wife made $215 cash back for making the same purchases she would normally make, but through her Ebates app I was like “man, I could have made thousands of dollars back from my music gear purchases alone if I had this years ago. Guitar Center pays you 3% back. Ive spent a ton of money on gear.

So…My wife is a stay at home mom but always has her own money though lol. How? She tells me what she has been doing and I’m like “This is amazing”. She saves from all different programs and is “The Queen Of Deals”. She coupon codes everything. Just the other day she shows me something she was buying online and the price showed $80. She said look down at the cart. So I looked at the order total. It was $0. She spent nothing for an $80 item lol. Needless to say, when Jes speaks I listen.

She turned me onto Ebates and we use it religiously in our home, and so do our family and friends, to save and make great side money which always helps, especially when you have 5 kids like us. We use the extra cash to go on dates, pay a bill here and there. It’s like winning a little scratch off ticket, daily.

Immediately after I realized how it works I signed up for my free Ebates account. I used Jes’ invite link which gave her an additional $10 in her account (more on how that works…keep reading) and It took me 30 seconds to sign up.

Now, when I shop anywhere online I open my Ebates app first then it connects to the website I am shopping on and tells me what I will earn back that day for using the app. I usually do a lot of Amazon.com shopping (3% cash back on purchases) and guitar center (even more cash back).

Saving money is awesome all by itself but here is the big added benefit for you to sign up now and how you will make great money on the side.

For every one of my friends and subscribers that has signed up I’ve received $25 cash in my account after they’ve made an everyday purchase totaling at least $25. Every single one of them has thanked me because like me, they saw the ads but didnt really understand the point of it. Remember they shopped and made 3 to 25%  back on average depending on each retailers current deals.

Do you want to make an easy extra $50 to $100 /day? Do you have friends, social media connections, an email list or your own website?

Sign up with my special invite link here for a free E-Bates account and you will get a referral link to share with your friends, followers, fans & family and you will get $25 for every single person that signs up.

This is something I urge you to do today. There is really no excuse not to.

Get a free account using  my invite link.

Once you invite your people and they make a purchase of $25 or more, using the Ebates app,  you will receive $25 cash  in your account. There is no limit as to how many people you can invite and get paid for and as of last week (at the time of this writing) they increased the invite referral bonus from $20 to $25.

So, Once you sign up you then will have your own referral link to share with all your friends and family who will be happy you turned them onto this ingenious company.

But, don’t forget about all the money you will save even if you never use your referral link to invite others, although you should spread the love and make yourself some fun money at the same time.

I’m glad and excited to get to share this little money making tip with you.

Click my invite link here to get your free Ebates account and to grab your own referral link to start sharing with your friends and follower immediately.

BTW, Maybe you’re thinking: “Why Does Ebates DO This?”

So why does Ebates gives you a 100% free account with NO membership fees? And, why do they pay us to shop and share?

E-bates acts as an advertising platform for these businesses so the businesses pay E-bates for bringing new customers to them. We get an incentive of cash back for making the purchase through E-bates. Pretty clever system they have. Jes and I love using it. We have a family of 11 (5 kids, 4 animals and us) so saving $ is always something we try to do.

Here are some of the examples of retailers and websites that participate.

Furniture Stores
Best Buy
Guitar Center
Musician’s Friend
Music & Arts
Sheet Music Plus
West Music

Sign up here for free

Hope this helps make your life a little easier!

Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore


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