Here are the answers to most common questions

(Answers To Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: “Will the voice that I hear playing over the instrumentals in the store also be in the tracks that I purchase?”

A: The voice tag is for our store’s protection. Unfortunately music piracy is a real issue. Once you make a purchase, you will receive your instrumentals untagged (without that audio watermark).

Q: “When will I receive my product?”

A: You will receive an email “download” link immediately after completing your store checkout.

Q: “What do I do if I havent received my product download link after my purchase?”

A: We recommend not getting upset about it, just email us through the contact page and we will do what we can to ensure you receive your file(s)!

Q: “Can I resell a beat that I got from Maxxbeats.com?”

A: No. Please make sure to read the terms of the license that you purchased with us thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure that you act within the guidelines of your lease/purchase..
Q: “Is there a discount if I purchase more than one beat / instrumental at a time?”

A: Absolutely. Use the drop down menu in the store that has all of our different license purchase options. You will see prices for multiple items with a discounted price! If you contact us, we can customize a package for your needs.

Q: “If I have an issue with my file(s) after downloading them and I decide that I would like a different one can I get another beat for free and just not use the first one I received?”

A: Unfortunately since downloads are a digital product there is no way to make a product “return” or “exchange”, however, if there is an issue with the actual files we would be more than happy to fix the issue for you by replacing the file (s) with the same title.

Q: “After I record to my Beat/ Instrumental can Maxxbeats mix and master the song for me?”

A: We offer a wide range of production services including Mixing and Mastering by Multiplatinum Producer Mr. Mig. He is one of the best professionals in the biz and will make your songs shine!