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Music For YouTube For Your Music, Promotional or Educational Video

License original, catchy and modern sounding music for your next YouTube video.
Choose from our catalog of over 600 royalty-free instrumentals to use on your next video project.
Simply select the music tracks you would like to use from the music player and select the license that works best. For promotional videos, any of our licenses are sufficient to use in your YouTube videos.

Royalty Free Music on For YouTube

music for youtube videos

Music is an important aspect of any video. This is especially so for online videos which are gaining popularity on platforms such as YouTube. Music helps in engaging viewers and helping compliment the theme. It is important, though, to know if you have the sufficient rights to use specific songs for your videos. YouTube, for instance, has a strict policy on the use of music and requires videos to adhere to copyright laws before using music tracks. Many people who post videos on YouTube may not have the ability to legally use the tracks of their choice since the copyright regulations may be rather stringent. It is for this reason that many people opt to use royalty-free music instead. This is a kind of copyright arrangement that allows you to purchase a one-time license for a song which gives you the official rights to use the song for an agreed period of time. This means you can simply visit a music royalty-free music library, choose a particular song and pay for a one-time license. In some cases, the license may be offered for free as long as there is sufficient attribution or credit to the composer in the video.
Most commercial songs are protected under copyright laws and due to a large amount of music on YouTube; the site has been developing methods of identifying and flagging any users who violate copyright rules. YouTube is able to reference music used for videos against their own database, which is an effective way of finding any users who have infringed on copyright. By using this cutting edge technology, YouTube can actually track video viewership and send reports to music copyright holders. Apart from alerting music copyright owners YouTube can go a step further and mute any music that has not been used legally. The site may also run advertisements over the video as a counter measure. All this, ultimately, makes it difficult for YouTube users to use copyrighted music with the consent of the copyright holders.

Affordable and Safe Option

Using Royalty-free music for your YouTube videos is a much more cost-effective alternative that is legal. Once you have paid for a one-off payment for royalty-free music, you will not be worried about being flagged for copyright infringement on YouTube or any other online platform. The reason for this is that many libraries for royalty-free music allow those who purchase licenses to use their music for YouTube videos, whether the video is being monetized or not. This is an important aspect especially for those who use YouTube videos as a way of generating income. Many YouTube users currently depend on royalty-free music to access a wide range of quality music for video projects. It would be a waste of time and resources to prepare, film and edit a video and then have it banned for violating copyright.
Even if you are able to get the relevant rights to use a commercial song, it would involve a lot of fees and legal processes. This would definitely not be economically viable for the average YouTube user. It would be more sensible to use royalty-free music which is much easier to access and more affordable.

What You Should Know

It is important for you to know some relevant information before purchasing a license for royalty-free music. If you are a YouTube user, you need to find out if the music is able to be used on the site. As mentioned earlier, most royalty-free sites allow you to use music on YouTube but this does not necessarily apply to all of them. For this reason, it is important to find out the usability of the music beforehand.
It is also very important for you to read through the terms and conditions in order to be aware of all the details relating to the purchase of a one-off license and subsequent usage of the royalty-free music.


Royalty-free music may be considered by some to be of a lower standard due to its affordability and easier access. This is not necessarily true. Most producers of royalty-free music are accomplished composers who take pride in creating quality music. Many of the royalty-free libraries consist of music that can be rated alongside any commercial music that is played on the radio. For this reason, YouTube users can be assured of high-quality royalty-free tracks to accompany their videos. The advantage of most royalty-free libraries is that the songs can be sampled before the purchase of a license. This will enable you to find out the quality of the music beforehand.


When creating your YouTube video, you definitely have an idea of what you want to convey. Music is an important aspect when communicating and you need the right tunes to make your video complete. By choosing royalty-free music, you will be able to go through a library of music and choose the most appropriate songs. These libraries often have a range of music categories to suit different preferences. This means you can hand-pick the right music with ease.

Why Use Royalty-Free Music for YouTube?

It is important to highlight the main benefits that you will get by using royalty-free music for your YouTube videos.
You will be able to access full resolution stereo music files, which are straight forward and easy to use.
Once you confirm usability for YouTube, you can be assured that your music will not be flagged and removed from the site due to copyright infringement.
Whether you plan to monetize your videos or not, you will not need to spend too much money to access quality, legal music tracks.
Many royalty-free music libraries have a range of licensing policies to suit various preferences.
Most royalty-free music libraries have a wide range of music titles to suit various themes and moods. This makes it easier for YouTube users to choose the right tracks for their videos. In most cases, the music collections are updated on a regular basis.