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Music Resources For Artists & Labels

Professional Music Production & Beat Store

Producers with over 400 Superstar Music Artist Credits
Remixes, Song Mixing, Song Mastering, Custom Beats, Beat Leases, Exclusive Beats

Music Promotion Services

Headhunter Promotions gets you on the Billboard charts & mainstream radio.
Visit the website:

Video Production / Video Promotion

Get on iFameTV and be seen worldwide (iFameTV)
Music Video Production company

Royalty Collection Services/Performance Rights Organizations

Music Software

Drums and Sample Sound Kits For Logic, Ableton and More (Drum Samples)
Ableton Live Production Software (
Soundgine – Get your own beat store. ( – Professional Audio Mastering Software (
Gemini Pro Audio DJ and Audio Equipment (

Music Tutorials and Submissions

Music X-Ray – Submit Your Beats & Songs (
Indeproducer – Great Music Blog For Artists & Producers (
Mr. Mig Logic Pro TutorialsSubscribe at: (