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Mr. Mig Music Mentorship Session

music production and industry Mentorship

With over 3+ decades of music industry experience as a multiplatinum songwriter, music producer, engineer, and digital creator who has worked with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world, I am going to teach you everything I know., personally!

Whether you are a musician who wants to learn to produce your own music or you’re stuck in the “what do I do now?” phase of your career, my one-on-one Zoom sessions are going to help you break out, and up, to that next level.

You’re just one step away from that major transformation!

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Price: $60 per hour

What my students say



“Meeting Mig and having his amazing experience over decades of work has really helped my music business take off – and I am now full-time in my music career.  I’m getting consistent placements and even landed a distribution deal. Thank you, brother, you’re a gem.”
– George (3PEAT) Papazov


DeAndre French

“Mig taught me invaluable lessons on knowing when a mix is done, and when to save yourself to fight another day.  I had a bad habit of surgically dissecting the life out of my mixes. He fixed that! Now, I feel not JUST confident but I trust myself. You’re getting someone who wants to see your personal growth”.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule a minimum of 1 hour and up to as many hours as you would like.

You will be learning one on one with me Mr. Mig himself!

Classes are designed for you based on your needs, whether that be songwriting, beatmaking, mixing, recording, music business insights and marketing and more.

You are getting a rare opportunity to be guided by a veteran of the music industry who has worked on projects for a host of legendary artists and record labels.

I offer this amazing service because your journey as an emerging music artist can be a tough one, especially if you are going it alone.  I love sharing what I know with deserving people as much as I love creating hit songs with artists!