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Submit Your Music To An Industry Pro

Submit your best songs to Producer Steve Migliore, a 25 year music industry veteran

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Hi. My name is Steve Migliore aka Mr. Mig.

I help countless musicians find the right opportunities for their music. if you have amazing songs or beats I want to hear them.

I will critique your music and tell you what the missing elements are that are holding your music back. I love finding a diamond in the rough that I can connect to the perfect opportunities.

If you want to know what I think send me your music by clicking the link below.

Submit Your Best music to Mr. Mig here via Music Xray.


Submit Your Music. We pitch and place songs and tracks with Record Labels, TV Networks, Commercial and Movie companies. Send us your best music to consider.

Here Is One Of Our Latest Submission Success Stories

Esquille “I Take U Higher”

we helped launch esquille i take u higher to the top of the charts. submit your music to us at

Esquille, an EDM artist/DJ from Sweden, was recently selected for a licensing deal with Steve Migliore. Steve said, “I received tons of stuff but only signed 1 artist. I see a bright future for Esquille. Now we will release his new single and video for ‘I Take U Higher’.” Esquille responded, “I’m happy I sent Steve my new tracks. He responded quickly, which was crucial in my decision to sign the deal. I’m proud to have been selected and would like to thank Music Xray for making it possible!”


I Am Here To Help You Place Songs and Tracks.

As an independent A&R representative, for MusicXRay.Com, I have personally critiqued over 800 songs and found a home for numerous Artists’ projects.

My Goal..

1) Find talent for our growing team and..

2) Help others to be better at what they do.

3) Make it easier for you to navigate the music business and succeed.

Submit Your Best Work..

If you think your music matches any of the following Submission categories please feel free to submit something to me via the links on this page.

Note*  I do not accept submissions outside of the Music Xray platform as that is the best way to protect your music.


(Professional Song Critique)

  • Producer Mr. Mig will listen closely to your work and give you his personal input on how you can improve your chances of  landing a song placement.

(Professional Mix & Edit Critique)

  • Producer Mr. Mig will listen closely to your work and give you his personal input on how you can improve the sound quality and dynamics to make your song a radio relevant hit.

(Looking For Remixers For Our Team)

(Win a FREE Mr. Mig Remix Package. $5,000 Value)